WordPress Plugin: Google Maps v3 Shortcode

This plugin allows you to add a google map into your post/page using shortcodes. The following examples shows all available parameters you can use in your shortcode. Note that these examples have spaces between the opening and closing square brackets that must be removed during actual implementation.


If you like this plug-in, please consider donating! It will help buy me some coffee to keep me awake :)


  • Support for Google MyMaps
  • Info windows
  • multiple maps on the same post
  • set map size
  • set zoom level
  • set map type
  • set location by latitude/longitude
  • set location by address
  • add marker
  • add custom image as map icon
  • add KML via URL link
  • show traffic
  • NEW!show bike lanes
  • NEW!add a Fusion Table Layer
  • NEW!show infowindow by default

Default world map

[ map ]

Multiple maps on the same page

In order to add more than one map to the same page, you need to add an “id” parameter for the new map.  Since the default id for the first map is “map”, make sure you name it something else (ex: “map1”, “map2”).  All id’s on the same page must be unique.

[ map id="map2"]


Default width value = 400, default height value = 300 (in pixels)

[ map id="map3" w="200" h="100" ]

Zoom level

Default value = 1

[ map id="map4" z="5" ]

Map Type

Default value = ROADMAP Accepted values = ROADMAP | SATELLITE | HYBRID | TERRAIN

[ map id="map5" z="5" maptype="TERRAIN" ]


Default value = 0,0

[ map id="map6" z="5" lat="34" lon="-118" ]


If you provide an address, it will override any lat/lon parameters.

[ map id="map7" z="5" address="Tokyo, Japan" ]


[ map id="map8" z="5" address="Tokyo, Japan" marker="yes"]

Marker Image

You can add your own custom image to override the default google map icon.  Make sure to keep your image small.  Also, I would recommend you use a .gif or .png format with transparency.  If you use your own image, make sure to also add the marker=”yes” parameter.

[ map id="map9" z="5" address="Tokyo, Japan" marker="yes" markerimage="http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/javascript/examples/images/beachflag.png"]

Info Window

If you have set marker=yes then you can also choose to provide an info window bubble.  Simple HTML tags are also supported.

NOTE: Info window stying is very finicky in terms of the syntax. Try using < span > tags instead of < div > tags, and try to avoid double and single quotes.

[ map id="map10" z="15" address="New York" marker="yes" infowindow="Hello World
New York is the most populous city in the United States, and the center of the New York metropolitan area, which is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world."


Adding a KML URL will override any address or lat/lon parameters. It will also auto-center and zoom to the extent of the KML, therefore, overriding any zoom level settings.

[ map id="map11" z="5" kml="http://gmaps-samples.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ggeoxml/cta.kml" ]


[ map id="map12" z="5" address="Los Angeles, USA" traffic="yes" ]

165 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin: Google Maps v3 Shortcode

  1. Hi, I was wondering, is it possible to point the website browser location on the google map and display it on contact page.

    • Hi deep,

      Could you be a bit more specific? You should be able to use my shortcodes in your contact edit page.


  2. Hi,
    Thanks, i really liked it, it is very easy to use,could you tell me how can i mark few address on one map.( I need to show few location in same city)

    • Hi Robet,

      Thanks for your comment. I will definitely put multiple addresses on my feature wish list, but at this point in time, it is not possible to do. What you could do is create a KML file with your multiple locations (using Google Maps or Google Earth), and then point to that using the kml shortcode.


  3. hi

    any options for adding an info bubble on the marker? be great to add some details to the marker.

    good work

  4. Damned ! I came here to send you congratulions about your job and to make two requests :
    1/ Mutiple Markers on a single map
    2/ Info Bubble to put comments

    And… There were arleady asked here :)

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  6. Simple, yet powerful plug-in! be able to add info window would be awesome.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I’ve installed your plugin and it works great. I am using the kml method and have noticed that it does not keep the marker labels. Is there a way to show marker labels?

    • Thanks! Could you send me a URL so I can see your problem? A URL to your kml file would also be helpful.

      • I know you moderate the comments, if you can please remove the domain in the URL if you approve the comment.

        There is no problem displaying it in WP, I call the KML file just like you show on this page. It’s just that the labels that are available in Google Earth do not show up on the map that’s displayed in GE (import it into GE and you’ll see). The KML is a direct export from GE and when looking at it I can see that there could be a lot of optimization done on that file too! Anyways if you search for “Alamo” you’ll find the text that would normally be label text in GE. In the KML file it would be between and .

        I was thinking that if the API doesn’t allow this that I may just make custom markers with the text I need to have displayed.

        Thanks for your help!

        • Hi Jason,

          Yes, the google maps api does not show labels. You can test any kml out by actually typing the URL directly in the search box in google maps (http://maps.google.com). You should notice that it does not show labels there either, which is the same behavior that my plugin uses.

          What I plan to do is add an option to allow for “earth” mode. This requires you to download the Earth Plugin, but if you do so, I believe your labels would appear.

  8. what short code do you use to post map for a street adress, what is its syntax.

    Thanks in advance

  9. How can I remove the RED border in the map?

    <div style="width: 594px; height: 400px; border: 1px solid red; position: relative; background-color: rgb(229, 227, 22 ………………..

  10. Nice plugin! Just ran into a problem, though – I drop in a short code ( [map w="478" h="340" z="14" marker="yes" address="2015 W. Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ, 85120"] ) and it’s perfect in Firefox/Chrome/Opera. But when I (and my client!) view the site in IE, the map shows up blue. Turns out it’s looking at ocean, if you zoom out far enough you can see the map’s centered off the coast of Africa… It appears that the intended map center/zoom/marker isn’t getting passed to IE. Any thoughts? (LOVE the plugin, though!)

  11. I have uploaded a new version of the plugin (v1.1). This update does the following:

    * support for infowindows
    * got rid of the red border
    * fixed IE bug

    Thanks for all the feedback and support. This is my first wordpress plugin, so your words are really appreciated. Send me links to your work, would love to see how you all are using the plugin!

  12. Great plugin! I am attempting to use it fo a customer’s site who has a pretty well-developed Google Place page and on her prior site I used the iframes link Google offers to place the map on her links page with the Google Places bubble showing a bunch of content. Is there a way to cause the label to link to her Google Places content?

    New WP page (under construction) http://studiocjewelry.com/wordpress/contact/

    Old Page with Google Places info: http://www.studiocjewelry.com/Contact.html

    Thanks again for the very easy to use plugin! I look forward to your response.

  13. hi, is there anyway to have the infobubble out by default?… meaning that the user doesn’t have to click on the marker for it to show up?

  14. Good plugin, thanks… one thing to note: dont use dash (-) in map id, it breaks the map and nothing is shown… Just found it the hard way :) Hope it will save the time to someone

  15. great work so far yohman! it’ll be cool if you could position the map view independently of the marker (so that it wouldn’t need to always be intially centered at the marker) it would need two more lon, lat variables for the map position)

  16. Hi, I have just been told of your plugin, it seems just what I need.
    However does it allow me to use something like a coloured transparent overlay or boundary line to show a Parish area ?

    • Hi Richard,

      To show a boundary outline, I would recommend you create a kml overlay. You would have to create the boundary in Google Earth, export the KML, load the kml on a server, and use the KML shortcode to point to the URL where you stored the kml file. Hope this helps.

  17. I am having the same issue as Chris on 11/4 – only my map shows the ocean no matter which browser I am in…

    I used :
    [map id="map" z="12" address="8865 100th St SE, Alto, MI 49302"]

    The zoom level was just a guess… Can’t really tell which level to use unless I can see my location.

    Looks like is is going to be great – HELP!

    • Hi Susan,

      Hmm, I tried your shortcode, and the map shows up fine for me. Can you show me where it’s not working for you?

      • Thank you – I think I was missing an update, the first map on a page seems to be working now. Unfortunately, the additional maps do not display fully…
        check each tab for the additional maps.
        I used the following code sequences:
        [map id="map1" z="12" address="8865 100th St SE, Alto, MI 49302" marker="yes"]
        [map id="map2" z="12" address="4597 morehouse rd., pequot lakes, mn 56472" marker="yes"]
        [map id="map3" z="12" address="46 Veronica Rd., Georgetown, SC 29440" marker="yes"]
        [map id="map4" z="12" address="1375 NC Highway 903, Littleton, NC 27850" marker="yes"]
        Any suggestions?

  18. Having trouble. Map not loading. Says plugin is activated, but I’m not getting anything. (www.northvancouveroffices.com/location)

    • Hi Lili,

      thanks for using my plugin. You need to get rid of the spaces before and after the square brackets:

      [map… instead of [ map…

      …”yes”] instead of …”yes” ]

  19. I absolutely love this plugin!!!!! Thanks so much.

    Have you thought about including a ‘button’ for the editor to facilitate entering the shortcodes easier?

    thanks again

  20. Hi,

    Love the plugin. I’ll be donating when next I get paid! Anyways. I don’t suppose you could add the capability to show local train stations, or is this already there?



    • Hi Jimbob,

      Local transit stops are mostly available in Google’s base maps. However, they are not clickable. What region are you mapping? You may want to create a kml of your train stations, and then try to use the kml shortcode.

  21. I hate this plugin… (Not really.. just joking =) I have tried to write some PHP to do most of these things what this plugin does with not luck and now I just found this plugin and noticed that all of my work has just been useless 😀 Search first code then…

    So thank you about this plugin it’s great and seems to work OK too (Haven’t tried kml files yet).

    • Hi Tommy,

      Just use the “address” parameter in your shortcode (look at the examples above). Make sure to set a “z” value as well for a desired zoom level.

    • Hi Syed,

      This plugin uses v3 of the Google Maps API which does not need an API key (unlike v2, which has been deprecated).

  22. Hi there,

    I put a map on my site with an added kml file. Now the map border is shown, the map itself disappeared but all markers from the kml file are shown

    Is there any explanation? There are a lot of markers (worldwide operating research vessels) but I do not see the problem.

    • Hi Goetz,

      There is something in your style css code that is interfering with the map image display. Specifically, I noticed that if I remove this from your css, the map works:

      .post img{padding:5px;border:solid 1px #dddddd;background-color:#f3f3f3;

      Hope this helps.

      • Hi yohman,

        thanks for your help. I’m a newbie in wordpress and did it before with the Google Maps api in php. But the maintenance is easier with wordpress.

        So, I will give a try the next days.


      • I’m having same kind of problem now =(
        I get everything working on my other wordpress blog but not this one where I actually need this plugin =( Any idea what is wrong?
        Streetview part seems to work ok.

        • Hi Petri,

          There seems to be a css line in your theme that adds a background color on top of the map. If you get rid of line 544 in your grey.css (background: #FAFAFA;), it will show the maps. Hope this helps.

          • Thank you yohman that fixed the problem :-)

            I have other theme on my other blog and there it worked right away.
            So if people have same kind of problem try some other theme first and if it helps then check css.

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  24. Great plugin!… But you should escape ‘ in contentString variable at line 114 because if you insert a ‘ into infowindow the page throw a javascript error ;)…
    Good work!

  25. Nice work! I have a minor issue though: a KML localhost URL does not work. Looking forward to other future enhancements. Keep up the good work!

  26. Hey! got a grey card trying to put my map in klm
    (i also tried with the example klm same result)
    any ideas? bad css?

    • @Afrikan,

      I’m not entirely sure, but it looks like you have 2 maps on the same page. If so, then you need to pass a unique “id” parameter to each map shortcode.

  27. I really like this plugin! It displays maps easily and attractively.

    Is there any way of adding a “click to interact” option? Frequently, scrolling through a page (with mouse wheel) causes the map to zoom, which can be a little annoying.

    I understand that I should avoid having the mouse cursor go over the map area to prevent this (or click outside the map area), but I’m afraid my visitors might not always have the same knowledge.

    To see what I mean, you can visit: http://putnam.myfamilyinfo.org/cemeteries/a-s-farrow-family/

  28. Great plugin, but I keep running into hiccups. Sometimes there’s no map, most of the time there’s no magnifier and zoom controls. I can change themes back to 20/10 and see a map but no zoom controls. But then I lose the highly customized paid-for theme…

    I’m using [ map id=”map8″ z=”10″ w=”636″ h=”350″ address=”Bakersfield, California” marker=”yes” ] (without the spaces near the [ and the ]).

    Where am I going wrong? All help appreciated and supported by coffee funding.


    • @Casey
      mmmm, good coffee… thanks!
      From what I can see, there is probably another plug-in that is interfering with mine. I notice that there are 3 different google maps on your page, and your code indicates that the Google Maps API script is being called twice. I’m not entirely sure what will fix it, but you might have to choose one plugin or the other…

  29. Hi! tx for the answer, i got rid of one of the maps, result hasn’t changed.
    If you can help me with this, i’ll really consider making a donation. Cheers.

    • @Afrikan
      That’s odd. If you look at the source code, you will notice a bunch of

      tags within the map javascript. That’s what is causing the map to break. I have no idea how they got in there… Perhaps another plugin interfering?

  30. Hi! Nope aint coming from the addons. I switched theme and it’s working perfectly. Can not determine which code line(s) are causing your plugin to show a whitish image :/ . Thanks anyways :)

  31. Hi there,
    Love this plugin and it works just great.

    What is the shortcode to show the ‘hybrid’ map view as default?

  32. Hi,
    I am trying to get the infowindow to work properly. I’m using your code as an example and inputting my verbage… infowindow=Me Salon by Cara11328 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45249conveniently located near Kroger at Shoppes at Harper’s Point, Me Salon is Cincinnati’s hair colour specialist.]
    The popup is coming up partial and there is no wording…If I put in ” ” then the popup does not show at all. Perhaps I too have another plugin interfering???
    I appreciate your help.
    Great work…

    • @Charlie,

      Try setting the shortcode in “HTML” view instead of “VISUAL” mode. I noticed that WordPress adds additional tags in visual mode.

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  34. The marker isnt working for me?

    [ map id=”map1″ z=”12″ marker=”yes” address=”Utrecht, Netherlands” ]

    This is the code and i get the city zoomed in correct but the marker isnt showing up

  35. Hi, great plugin !

    I too want to ask for a option for displaying infowindow bubble by default. It is really nice to see the bubble with message/image/link right away when you see the map.

  36. hi there, I having some issues with the map size.

    This is the code:[ map id=”map1″ w=”300″ h=”150″ ]
    (wihtout the spaces in the begining and ending squares)

    and still I have as result the default 400 x 400 map.

    Can someon help me please?



    • Solved!
      (I paste the code on “visual” mode instead “html”… yes I know… I made an estupid thing…)

      thank you for such amazing plugin yohman!

  37. Hi,

    I’m having a problem with the zoom level. No matter what it is set to eg. z=”5″ the zoom is set to 1 (ie, the slider is all the way to the top). Any ideas?


    • Solved it (sorry!) I was using a KML link that was overriding the zoom level. Instead I just used lat/long and added a marker.

  38. Hi,

    does you plugin also works for a page that is incordporated to a “Text” widget. This isthe case on my home page: http://www.solidream.net/blog where I want to use you plugin to incorporate a map with a KML layer on it.

    Just for info, the one that you see on the adress is taken directly from ‘My Maps’ but because there are too much markers on it, I was forced to create an API developed map. The one with all the markers is available here http://www.solidream.net

    And here is my code

    [ map z=”3″ w=”235″ h=”350″ lat=”-46.0″ lon=”-45.0″ kml=”http://www.solidream.net/kml/OuSommesNous.kml” ]


    [ map z=”3″ w=”235″ h=”350″ lat=”-46.0″ lon=”-45.0″ kml=”http://maps.google.fr/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=fr&vps=1&jsv=303c&msa=0&output=nl&msid=108756802999076364551.00046ca4b6b21667bcdba”]

    Thank you !

  39. Hi I like the part of you rmap that uses the KML file.
    I want to indulge with the idea of the maps using the KML but loading from an onclick event when a check box is clicked.

    I want to do many layers on my map in wordpress.
    here is the example

    google MAP Object [ ] Roads [ ]Parks [ ] Place to eat.

    When one is checked, the layer loads the kml file and display only that layer,


  40. I would like the support of more markers with info on the same map. Is this possible today ? As far as I can see I cannot get it to work with the plugin today ?

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    • @Ali

      Make sure to also specify a zoom level parameter:

      [map id="map1" lat="12.799515" lon="44.934368" z=10]

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  43. Can the info window for the marker display by default without the need for the visitor to click the marker first? Nice plug-in…It works well! Thank you.

  44. hi,
    i do have wp 3.0.4 installed isnt the extension working for that version or am i a blockhead? :)

    best regards

    • im using it together with buddypress, but no way to insert any map. its always only showing me the tag itself, instead of. ([ map id=”map3″ w=”200″ h=”100″ ])

  45. hi,

    im running worpress 3.0.4 and buddypress.
    i installed the current version of your plugin, but unfortunately whenever i insert any map tag as a comment, article or in a page no map is displayed.
    The tag itself is shown. Any hint? am i a blockhead?

    best regards and thanks

  46. Hi this plugin is great, especially with the IE8 fix. Just please put in a directions link that would make this perfect.

    Thanks for the plugin.

  47. How do I change the size of the info box? I am trying to put an address in it without having to scroll. It is also adding extra space between the lines. How do I eliminate those?
    Any help is appreciated.

  48. Brilliant plugin… great work. Would love to have “Get Directions” functionality too if possible.

    Thanks again

  49. Excellent plugin!!! Thank you so much…

    Some questions.
    1. Is it possible to display the infowindow open by default?
    2. Is it possible to display the small reference map in the corner of the big one?
    3. Is it possible to choose which map type buttons to show?
    4. Is it possible to choose which controls to show on the map?
    5. Mutiple Markers on a single map?

    Just asking if these are possible with this plugin

  50. This plugin is working great for me, thank you so much for your hard work.
    my question:
    Have you included the option to have the infowindow open by default?
    can I call InfoWindow.open() or just open() via your plugin?
    Thanx again for your time.

  51. First of all, thank you for the plugin, I love it! I can’t seem to figure out how to get it on other pages on my website though. It seems to only work on the ‘blog’ page. Am I missing something?

    Any help would be great, thanks!

    • Actually I take that back. It looks like the maps work on other pages, but not on the WP E-Commerce Plugin page in my product description. I see the code instead of the map.

  52. Hi there! I’m loving this plugin and it works so beautifully in posts. Thanks!!! Is there a way to make it work in a widget as well? I thought it looked SO good I’d like to have my map on every page… Thanks for your help!!

  53. Congratulations for this awesome plug-in!

    First, excuse me, my english level is so poor… I have a problem with the info bubble. When I put a marker into a map, and I click, the info bubble doesn´t appear completly, it seems some kind of “starway to heaven” and, in the text inside, it´s only possible to read the tittle.

    if you enter here: http://www.zaragozabike.com/?page_id=347 and you click over the trackline, you will see the “starway to heaven”, but this also happens in a normal map, without a track.

    how could I mend it? Please, I need some help!

  54. Hi everybody.
    Thanks for a great plugin.
    I´m needing a bit of help and can´t figure out if what i need wold be possible to acheive with this plugin.
    Anyway, here´s the requirement.
    I´m building a sit in which i would need to be able to upload one kml file per post and then show all the markers of a certain post-category on a single map.
    On top of that i would also need to show a global map that gets all the post and shows their markers in a single map.
    The big trouble here is that all must be kml driven.
    As I said, one kml per post.
    Does anyone know if that would be acheivable, and in which way?
    Thanks for any help you can provide.


  55. Hello! Sorry for my bad english.
    I try to use shortcode for the zoom but nothing appened!…
    That is my code:
    [map id="map1" z="10" w="500" h="400" maptype="ROADMAP" marker="yes" kml="http://maps.google.it/maps/ms?hl=it&ie=UTF8&vps=1&jsv=317d&msa=0&output=nl&msid=204037809659785950899.00049d915a308fcf29173"]

    What I must to do? I try to change z with more value, but the map doesn’t change his zoom…

    Thank you in advance

  56. Hi,
    this is a really cool plugin! Thank you!
    I have a question, if I want to put more than one marker on the same map, how can I do this? And if I want to use different icons for the markers, is that possible?
    I noticed, that in your exmaple tags you write [ map …. etc.
    But the shortcode works only if you write [map… t.i. whithout a space after the bracket.

    Many greetings, Ethel

  57. I wonder whether it is possible to add marker by clicking on the map, and label these marker in a form attached. I.e. you first go to the map, click the location you want to save and then label the marker which has been freshly created.

  58. Hi Yohman, Great Plugin, really nice work!

    Just a quick query on if you are looking at introducing a multiple markers feature for this plugin. I noticed there have been several requests but no replies, so I guess this would be a complex addition.

    My question is, are you looking into this or is it too problematic? If you are working on an update can you give us an estimated release date?

    The answer will allow me to determine if I can use your plugin or not as I have a deadline coming up :)

    PS If you cannot work on this, do you have an idea how we could go about modifying the code to do it?


  59. First off all, great plugin! Keep up the good work.

    I have a question. Is it possible to set “street view” as the default opener? So when you visit a page with a map on it, it immediately shows the street view of the given location.

    Hoping for an answer.

  60. this is error from Opera browser.. where maps dont work:

    Geocode was not successful for the following reason: ERROR

  61. Great plugin! One of the best out there, imho.

    One question though: Is it possible to set a certain viewpoint in Street View as the visible map?

    There’s no Street View option implemented yet, or is there?
    And if possible, to aim and zoom it at a certain point?

  62. Hi,
    Today I found this awesome plugin! Many thanks for providing it!
    I have one little issue with it: The red marker icon is not displayed correctly. It appears, but it is split into two halfs.

    I’m using this shortcode in wordpress 3.1:

    [map z="15" marker="yes" address="Erlaaerstrasse 56a, 1230 Wien"]

    Any idea? If required I can also provide a link to the actual wordpress page.

    thanks for your help,

  63. Is there a way to not have the buttons/words |Map|Satellite| appear at all?

  64. Great plugin. I would also like easy integration for directions. Perhaps something like: directions=”yes” in which case a link below the map would be available for driving directions input.

  65. There seems to be a significant lag time between uploading the KML file to the server and the actual map displaying the updated KML (it continues displaying the old kml file for quite some time). Is there a cache/history file that has to be cleared to get the update to take immediately? Is this an issue with google’s API?

    Thanks for the great plugin!!!

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  67. Is there any way I can default the map to Street View? Should I be setting maptype or something?


  68. I´ve embedded the map into my website, but the PNG Textures from Google Maps are not transparent, but white. Anyone ever had anything simmilar?

    best regards, guntram
    twitter: @guntrambechtold

  69. I would like to use this plugin, but I have one problem:
    At the end of a plugin, there is an extra .
    Is there any way to clear it?
    Now I’m using simple google map, and it has no line break at the end.
    This plugin is better, but this extra inserted line spoils my view.

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  71. Excellent plugin – so easy to use. Other plugins require addresses but addresses in Google Maps can be wrong in Ireland so being able to lat/long is perfect. Thanks.

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  74. Hi…my compliments for the plugin! AWESOME!
    I’ve have one problems :
    I need to style the text in the infowindow, so I’ve put
    Title Other Tex to style

    ( all in the html editor of course )
    But It doesn’t work…can anyone help me?
    Thank you for the attention,


  75. Hi…my compliments for the plugin! AWESOME!
    I’ve have one problems :
    I need to style the text in the infowindow, so I’ve put

    Title Other Tex to style

    ( all in the html editor of course )
    But It doesn’t work…can anyone help me?
    Thank you for the attention,


    (Second comment because of the wordpress code style problem )

  76. Actually there is a way to prevent loading KML from messing with the map center and zoom. That would require some tweaking in the plugin.

    In the code rows 63 and 64 return the KML overlay as:

     var kmllayer = new google.maps.KmlLayer('url.kml');

    Changing that to returning:

     var kmlLayerOptions = {map:MAPID,preserveViewport:true};
     var kmllayer = new google.maps.KmlLayer('url.kml',kmlLayerOptions);

    would keep the map options otherwise declared.

    I really like this plugin and am waiting for the multiple markers option as well. Keep up the good work!

  77. Hello yohman,
    would appreciate help on this: I generate code refering to kml files generated using Google Earth. However, the maps just won’t pick up on the zoom level. Instead they seem to always zoom in to the max. In some cases that results in ampa that is blank, until I zoom out three clicks. In GE of course I cannot set “zoom” as such, but I pick an altitude.

    How can I solve this? Thanks in advance

  78. The plugin does not appear to be working in a sidebar widget – is that due to the theme I’m using or is the plugin not sidebar widget usage compatible?

  79. Awesome plugin … thanks!
    Just one suggestion of a (small) performance issue: Now, the Google JS is loaded on ALL pages/post of my blog. Is there a chance to have this line only on pages/post which really contain a map? (perhaps with a black or white list of posts/pages).

    Keep up your great work!!

  80. Hi, I have had your plugin installed and working fine for many months. However when I was checking on the site the other day the Maps were no longer working.
    I have added a new map

    [map maptype="TERRAIN" lat="34" lon="-118" z=10]

    to the /about page, but it is still showing nothing.
    Any idea on what is not working anymore? Or has there been an update which needs to be done?


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  82. Hi, yohman,

    Your plugin works great for me (thanks alot for it! :-) ), but I wonder if it’s possible to use it from a page template instead of inserting the shortcode in the page itself…

    Thanks in advance,


  83. Hi, is it possible to insert the map directly in a template , not shortcode ??

    which is the php code ?

  84. I really love this plugin, but I’ve noticed that, since the last update of GMaps, there are some minor issues displaying maps: grey lines up-to-down, the zoom controls do not appear anymore… Do you know how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance.

  85. Small issue here, wondering if you had any light to shine on it. The plugin works fine, but has one small detail display incorrectly. The Street View icon on the left. It shows up, but it scaled horizontally, looking “squished”. When hovering over the icon, it replaces with a “Left Arrow” style white triangle.

    I should mention that Street View still works, you can drag the street view guy wherever, just the display of the icon in the controls is incorrect.

    Any ideas?

  86. Hi, great plugin.

    Is it possible to…

    1. Remove the ‘map/satellite’ buttons from the top right hand corner of the map?

    2. Remove the grey border from around the edges of the map. I have tried to style the map id using CSS but it is over ridden by the element style?

  87. Thank you all for your feedback on my google maps plugin. I am sorry I have been unable to answer most of your questions, but I have just released a new version that addresses many of the issues and requests that you have made. Please check it out here:


    Thanks again!

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  89. I loved as much as you’ll receive carried out right here. The sketch is tasteful, your authored material stylish. nonetheless, you command get bought an edginess over that you wish be delivering the following. unwell unquestionably come more formerly again since exactly the same nearly very often inside case you shield this increase.

  90. Wonderful stuff! Congratulations! Please make some updation. Because when this plugin page opens in wordpress site, there is a pop up message saying that this plugin has been not updated for over 2 years. To avoid this, it is just my suggestion that you make some updation.

    Best regards

  91. It is perfect time to make a few plans for the long run and it is time to be happy.
    I’ve read this put up and if I may just I want to counsel you few fascinating issues or tips.

    Perhaps you could write next articles regarding this article.
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