Example for calculating an index

This formula illustrates how you would calculate a “majority index” for a range of fields.  For example, you may have a dataset that illustrates foreign born Asians, and would like to know which country has the most foreign born’s in each census tract.

To create an index, you can add a new column, and fill in the following forumla:


These are the header values that will go into the cell (ex: Japanese, Korean).  This is specific to this dataset, so it will need to be adjusted accordingly.

C$1: T$1

These are the cells that hold the actual data you are caclulating (ex: 10, 134)


The results show the majority country in the field:

Social Explorer: Downloading and importing into ArcMap

When you are ready to download your data from Social Explorer, follow these steps to add it to ArcMap:

  1. From the data download tab, download the csv format in the desired geographic level (ie: census tracts)
  2. Once downloaded, copy the downloaded file, and change the file format from csv to txt (you should now have a csv and txt version of the same file)
  3. Launch Excel, and open the text (txt) version of the downloaded  file
  4. In the popup wizard, select “delimited”, and in the next step, “comma”
  5. In step 3, scroll the data preview until you see a header titled “FIPS” or “Geo_FIPS”
  6. Highlight the column, and select “Text” as its data format
  7. Click finish to exit the wizard.  You should see your data imported, and the FIPS field should have leading zeroes (ex: 06037200001)
  8. Highlight the first row and delete it (this row has the long description for each data field, and keeping this row will make ArcMap very unhappy)
  9. Save the file as Excel 97-2003
  10. You should now have 3 versions of your downloaded data: csv, txt and xls
  11. Open ArcMap and add the XLS version of your data
  12. Make sure that the FIPS field appears with the leading zeroes in the attribute table.

How to view metadata in ArcCatalog (10)

Prior versions of ArcCatalog (9.3) allowed you to view a layer’s metadata in ArcCatalog by clicking on a “metadata” tab.  Arc10 goes away with this (I have no idea why), and hides this feature in their advanced options.  Here is how to access the good ‘ol metadata information using ArcCatalog v10:

  1. Open ArcCatalog
  2. Go to Customize, ArcCatalog Options
  3. Select the Metadata tab, choose ISO 19139 Metadata Implementation Specification

How to post your assignments

Easy!  Just create a new post and upload the final screenshot of your assignments.  Follow these steps:

  1. log in and access the dashboard
  2. go to Posts/AddNew
  3. click on the Upload/Insert image button
  4. Select the image file from your harddrive, and upload it into your post.  Make sure to click on “insert to post”
  5. Check the correct category for your assignment from the Category panel on the right