Map Showing GSM World Coverage in 2009

Got maps?Ever wonder what it takes to create custom maps for a report, presentation or a website? Need to create a map that shows the income distribution of a target neighborhood, the location of patients with health problems, or to find the best location for your business? In this day and age where Google Maps has become as ubiquitous as your morning coffee, mapping has become a “must-have” technology for almost every discipline. This course is a hands-on laboratory course that provides students with essential mapping and spatial analysis skills. This course balances lectures on the core principles of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with applied instruction on managing, processing and interpreting spatial data. Students will learn how to use ESRI ArcGIS software, learn advanced techniques using spatial and network analyst extensions, and learn how to create web-based maps using the Google Maps API.

Lecture, three hours; laboratory, one hour. Preparation: one graduate-level statistics course, familiarity with one packaged statistics program. Principles of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and applied techniques of using spatial data for mapping and analysis. Topics include data quality, data manipulation, spatial analysis, and information systems. Use of mapping and spatial analysis to address planning problem. Letter grading.

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