New Screen Capture in the Lab

In order to do a screen capture on the new system you need to hold down ctrl (in the lower left hand corner of the keyboard) and then press the Print Scrn/SysRq bottom on the top ofthe keyboard next to the F12 button. It doesn’t seem as though anything has happened.

Open Photoshop. Go to START (the little windows symbol in the bottom left of the screen), click on all programs. Select the Adobe Design Premium CS5 folder. Click on Adobe Photoshop CS5 (near the bottom).

Once adobe is open…click on FILE in the toolbar. Select NEW.

A screen will pop up with a bunch of options. (You can rename your file here or later in Windows, for example, ch3.jpg, ch7.jpg) Click ok.

A white box will come up.Then select EDIT in the toolbar. Click on Paste.

You image should appear. You can then use the SAVE AS option in the FILE option in the toolbar in order to rename the picture and save it in the right place.