Week 1

Things to go over…

  1. Overview of the course
  2. Grading
  3. Mid-terms and Finals
  4. How to submit your assignments
  5. Help! Support!
    • Use Google… or Bing… or Yahoo…
    • Search the ESRI support
    • Ask your classmates
    • Help your classmates
    • Use the class forum – tip: attach a screenshot image
    • Do NOT email Yoh or Jen!!
    • LMGTFY
  6. Week 2 make up session poll
    • Please check all of the times that you are available. You may also attend Leo’s section on Tuesday evening from 5pm to 8pm.

Lecture—GIS Basics


Tutorial Assignments (Post by the end of week 2)

Tutorial Assignments 3-10 are Due by the end of the day Friday January 20th
** If you are working in the Lab or at home please download the Tutorial Data from the P: drive or the CD that comes with your GIS book (click “Save File” and unzip the file) and put it on your H: Drive (in the lab) or your personal hard drive.
  • Chapter 3 – Exploring ArcMap: post screen-print of exercise 3c, step 15 (p. 50)
  • Chapter 4 – Exploring ArcCatalog: post screen-print of exercise 4c, step 20 (p. 86)
  • Chapter 5 – Symbolizing features and rasters: post screen-print of exercise 5d, step 18 (p.130)
  • Chapter 6 – Classifying features and rasters: post screen-print of exercise 6d, step 24 (p. 173)

Please pay close attention to this assignment. It shows the 9 ways to display information.

  • Chapter 7 – Labeling features: post screen-print of exercise 7c, step 12 (p. 200)

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