Week 5

Things to go over

  • Midterm location:  Faculty lounge next week!
  • An overview of the different “skills” for your mid-term
    • New skill:  Create your own shapefile (covered in a special lab today)
  • How to add aerials and other base layers… and what you can and cannot do for your projects:
    • you CAN use aerials for your maps
    • you CANNOT use any base maps that have pre-baked labeling
  • Layout tips – Layouts
  • Creating your own shapefile

Data Source of the week

  • NEW! Crime data for Los Angeles: http://www.crimemapping.com/
  • Tip:
    • copy and paste to google spreadsheets
    • download as excel file
    • import to arcmap


In-Class Lab Assignment

No Tutorial Assignments Due This Week!big grin

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