Week 9

Things to go over…

  • My office hours: by appointment via email!

Final project requirement

  • Must seek to provide a solution to a policy/research question
  • The final project must include one layer of original data (layers not taken from ArcGIS-ready sources)
  • The final project must by analytical and not just descriptive
  • The final project must include a model
  • Minimum 8 layouts, 10 skills
  • A blog entry
    • introduce your project and spatial topic you are addressing
    • include each of your map layouts
    • explain each map layout and how it is relevant to your analysis
    • include a conclusion
    • entire blog must have a flowing narrative… tell your story from start to end

Final Project Grading Criteria:

  • Presentation and Blog write up
  • Skills fulfillment
  • Creativity/Originality
  • Analysis
  • Map quality

Design tip of the week



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