Fort Awesome presents Secret City

The Secret City Project:
Uncovering History in Real-Time

Secret City

Our overall goal going forward on this project will be to remind people that our present time is a lot less unique than we’d all like to believe. This might seem a bit cynical at first, but it can also empower us in that it links us with individuals in the past who dealt with the same stresses that we do today. While past citizens were not able to tweet about these experiences, we aim to reconstruct a few of these stories and localize them to specific neighborhoods to give present social media users the opportunity to see what a 1920’s twitter stream in Westlake (now McArthur Park) would have looked like. Focusing on one neighborhood and following its history over the span of decades will also allow us to see how a neighborhood’s character changes with its demographics.

We believe that this project will have relevance for anyone interested in the evolution of cities over time. Naturally, current residents of the neighborhoods we profile will also be quite interested.

Potential Application of Project
The information we uncover and display can be used to bolster neighborhood cohesion by allowing individuals to attach their personal histories to certain decades and locations. Apart from being pretty cool, we feel that this will also remind people that the city is not a static structure and that existing conditions need not necessarily remain.

Fort Awesome Inc.
Roy Samaan – Master of Ceremonies
Justin Oh- Executive Vice President of Security
Daniel Parades- Messenger
Alexander Pudlin- Junior Custodian

Alex Pudlin
Alexander Pudlin
With a week of experience, Alex will happily take on the site’s style/graphics components (e.g. style sheet and layout).  In addition, he’ll research APIs that will help support this project’s mission. If feasible, he will (at least help) implement a time slider as well. Of course, as the project develops, his role may shift completely.

Roy Samaan
Roy Samaan
Roy will be taking on the task of theming/storyboarding the project ( in conjunction with the other troops garrisoned at Fort Awesome, naturally). He will also be researching methods to display historical information to highlight how the built form of the city has changed over time, and how the demographics of different neighborhoods have shifted over time.

Justin Oh
Justin Oh
When not keeping the riffraff out of Fort Awesome, Justin is assigned with researching and producing historical records from a variety of primary and secondary sources. He will take on additional Executive Vice-Presidential duties as needed.

Daniel Paredes
Daniel Paredes
Daniel is one of the few soldiers in this battle with experience in the horrors of website development and management. He began training in html at the tender age of 16, when he developed his first website as a class project. During college, Daniel oversaw routine maintenance of, which has since changed to become more reliant on dynamic techniques like drupal and ajax, a trend in modern website and application development. As messenger, Daniel will try to ensure that the message of Fort Awesome spreads far.

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