Introducing FNR Consulting

FNR Consulting is a new Los Angeles-based firm that is focused on meeting client’s needs by mixing web-based GIS technologies with a proprietary blend of of winning.  Their first project, expected to be released in late spring, will be a demonstration of this philosophy.

The Project
Angelenos are known for their supposed love of the automobile. But before LA epitomized car culture, it was home to an extensive public transit system. This is still true today, with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA) operating the third-largest public transportation system in the US (by ridership), not to mention the other municipal transit operators in the region. Recent funding sources, such as Measure R and (potentially) the 30/10 initiative (now Fast Forward America), can further improve transit access throughout the county. Despite the popularity of these efforts, however, most Angelenos still drive. While we certainly do not expect this will change overnight, we want to help improve accessibility for transit passengers today.

Physical access alone does not necessarily translate into widespread accessibility. On of the barriers especially to getting choice riders on board with using transit is improving the user experience and providing information that makes transit easy to use. To this end, our team is working to develop an application that will show users the pedestrian shed surrounding their local transit stops, mapping easily walkable destinations to encourage potential users to try transit and facilitating greater knowledge and accessibility for existing riders. This website will feature an interactive, searchable interface to integrate:

• LACMTA bus and rail maps,
• distance/time-based pedestrian sheds for transit lines, and
• businesses and destinations within the pedestrian shed.

Providing existing and potential riders with this information can show just how walkable parts of LA are, and can augment riders’ knowledge about what opportunities exist surrounding their transit stops.

The Team

Francis Reilly,

Francis likes transit and maps. He wants to encourage people to try the former by using the latter.

Norihiko Sakurai,

Nori loves trains and traveling.  He is fascinated by high speed railways and vibrant communities with slopes.

Roman Lopez,

Roman enjoys reading non-fiction books of any subject and traveling.  He dislikes asymmetric information.

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