Introducing GoM! Members

Team: GoM! – (Go with Metro!)  Go!M website


We propose to design a mobile application with user-friendly interface targeting at college students in Los Angeles, releasing them information including Housing, Food & Dining, and Recreational Activities.

With this mobile application, students can find dorms & hotels, fine food with cheap price, bars & performances, and all this activities are within the service area of Metro. Besides, people can use Metro Student Community function to students who live in the same community and communicate with them.

Housing: low-rate housing information, school dorm locator (mainly about how to transit from the housing site to schools, providing functions like comparing the commute time of several sites etc.)

Food and Dining: low prize and high-ranked restaurants around school and dorm area on Yelp

Recreation Information: 1. Latest performance information update; 2. Recreation facilities around schools or within reach of Metro service; 3. Categorized recreational information (nightlife, museums, parks, hiking, biking, sport matches, concerts, theaters…)

Metro Student Community: 1. Finding students who live in the same community and using GoM! 2. Chatting room for students using GoM! to communicate

Team Members:

Jinghua Suo (Chief Web-Designer)

Jinghua Suo is the chief web designer of GoM!. She holds a master degree in Architecture in Tongji University in China and is a professional architect. She is a current MURP student in UCLA.

Joy—Eun Bee Kim (Web-Designer)

Eun Bee ‘Joy’ Kim was born in Seoul, Korea. She moved to US when she was 14.  She received BA in Architecture from UC Berkeley and currently, enrolled in MA Urban planning program at UCLA.

Mingzhe Liu (Marketing Manager and Web-Designer)

Mingzhe Liu is marketing manager and web-designer of GoM!. He is a professional planner in China in water management and now exchangingin MURP program in UCLA.

Lu Lu (Financial Officer and Application Designer)

Lu Luis financial officer and designer of this application. She holds a BA degree in English Literature in Zhejiang University in China and now a current MURP student of UCLA.

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