Boston maps – Week 1, Part 2

This website allows users to outline census tract block groups and discover demographic information for those areas. I like this site, because it lets me draw any shape in any part of Boston, and then lets me choose which demographics I want to see. I like the groovy fan action when the pie chart displays, though there are other more static display methods as well.

It uses Adobe Flashplayer, and it seems to work fine. It is very hard for me to evaluate the technologies used other than to say that I like the way this website functions.

Pros: the above

Cons: only the actual City of Boston is covered, and Boston is a weird shape. None of the surrounding cities – Cambridge, Brookline, Milton, etc., display in the website. It seems like Boston could have added those cities in without too much confusion – a strong boundary line would have sufficed to differentiate. It’s kind of artificial to consider what is Boston proper without considering its very intertwined neighbor cities.

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