Week 1: Website Assignment – Bus Routes on the Westside of Westwood


The Westside of Westwood, bordered by Veteran Ave., Gayley Ave., and Veteran Ave., is home to a large number of both graduate and undergraduate UCLA students.  Known for the large hill comprising this region, students within this area face a daunting daily trek to and from the UCLA campus.  The most difficult location for students is located along Veteran Ave., where students must choose whether to face the large commute both up-and down-hill to reach the UCLA campus, or take the longer commute north to Gayley Ave. or south to Weyburn Ave. to catch the UCLA Shuttle.

Few bus routes are available for those living along the Westside, with the most popular route being the UCLA Shuttle service provided to the graduate students at Weyburn Terrace.   Despite being a service provided to the graduate student population, students living along the Westside will walk an additional 10-15 minutes to reach this bus stop, only to be forced to wait for several filled busses to pass before they are able to take the shuttle to campus.  This severely stresses the existing capacity of the UCLA Shuttle system and emphasizes the demand for additional bus stops within the area.

Based on the proposed map (above), five new stops would be incorporated along the western edge of Westwood in order to address the growing demand.  These stops would be:

  • Veteran Ave. and Weyburn Ave. – This stop was decided to alleviate the long commute times student face when leaving the UCLA Weyburn Terrace complex in order to get to UCLA.
  • Veteran Ave. and Levering Ave.  – This stop was created due to the difficult trek students face within this area to reach campus.  Students must choose whether to dissect the large hill directly in their path, go northward around the hill, or head south to catch the UCLA Shuttle to campus.  There are no existing bus routes in this area.
  • Veteran Ave. and Gayley Ave.  – This stop provides service to those at the northern edge of the area, which also includes those from UCLA’s Residence Halls.  This stop is the furthest from UCLA’s main campus.
  • Gayley Ave. and Strathmore Ave. – This stop was designated to provide the over 12,000 students living within the UCLA Residence Halls direct service to the Westwood area.
  • Gayley and Le Conte Ave.  – This stop serves as the main connection point linking students on campus to the Westside of Westwood, or students on the Westside commuting to campus.  This stop connects to the existing UCLA Shuttle Service that loops around campus.

Given the large number of students living within the area, it is clear that these bus routes are not only useful, but necessary.  Combined with the fact that UCLA intends to increase its student population provides further emphasis and support that more and more students will be living within the Westside of Westwood, and that greater transportation options, such as these bus stops, are needed.

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