Navigate LA: Week 1, Part 3

[ iframe width=”640″ height=”480″ src=” index01java.cfm” ]
{Alert: I put spaces in the above address since it was taking me to the website and not the post…advice?}

Navigate LA: City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering

This is a terrible map! And a very confusing website! It seems to use Java, and seems to want to take us to the map rather than show it on this page. I have no idea how to change that.

Pros: there is a lot of information jam-packed into these maps, and if you can figure out the clunky symbology, there is probably information of great value.

Cons: the interface is horrible. It’s almost illegible, and the zoom features don’t work smoothly. The symbols are hard to differentiate and the display is rough.

The LA engineers clearly need to hire some good designers. This map dictates that you use it on its own terms, rather than making users feel at home. Technically it offers the public access to engineering data, but in a way that discourages all but the most determined.

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