Week 1 Bus Stop Locations

I selected new bus stop locations in my community in order to provide access to schools and parks.  The newly added bus stop locations would be additions to 3 existing (hypothetical) routes which would help to improve access to the aforementioned land uses.  These bus lines are color coded as red (Barrington line), green (Palms line), and blue (Overland line).  In addition to providing access to schools and parks, the bus locations were also chosen in relatively lower income areas.

Barrington #1- This location was selected to because it is conveniently located next to both University High School and many apartments.  It would greatly benefit the community to add a bus stop to provide access to other people living along Barrington Ave.

Barrington #2- This bus stop would provide access to Stoner Recreation Park, one of the few parks located within the region.  In addition, the nearby residents in both apartments and homes could use the extra bus stop to provide access to major bus lines along the Santa Monica Blvd. or Wilshire Blvd. corridors.

Palms #1- This bus stop is located right next to Mar Vista Recreation Center.  The center hosts various events throughout the year success as Easter egg hunts, summer movie nights, etc. which are great resources for the community if they are able to easily access the recreation center.  Also, adjacent to the recreation center is Windward School.  This bus line would also help students get to school.  The surrounding community to the northwest is primarily filled with older single-family homes and possibly an older population , so this new line would also help those people get around.

Overland #1/2- Overland Ave. is a major north-south road between Westwood Village and Culver City.  New added bus lines will help to boost the connectivity between the communities.  Since Overland is a fairly busy street, the bus stop locations I chose were at stoplight intersections with cross-walk striping.  This is important as to provide safe and easy access to people on both sides of the street.  These bus stops were chosen in close proximity to one another because of the high density residential apartments in the region.  Palms Middle School is also located close to both bus stops, so students would have easy access.

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