Week 1: Proposed Bus Stops on Venice Boulevard




UCLA has four sites of off-campus graduate housing. Among them University Village and Rose Avenue Apartments are located on Sepulveda/Sawtelle Boulevard, and Venice/Barry  Apartments and Mentone/Keystone Apartments are located on Venice Boulevard. Culver City Bus #6 and Big Blue Bus #12 both have stops close to the former two complexes, so it is convenient for students to take bus for commute. Based on this fact, UCLA doesn’t offer camps shuttles for those two complexes. On the other side, there are no direct bus routes for student living in Venice/Barry or Mentone/Keystone to commute to UCLA. So the  school do offer shuttles for them. However, the shuttles only operate during limited time on weekdays. Moreover, the shuttles leave every one hour and are not as flexible as buses compared to their usually 15-minute interval. Therefore, I have proposed new bus stops on Venice Boulevard to make public transit more accessible to students who live in Venice/Barry and Mentone/Keystone apartments.

The first and the fifth of my proposed bus stops (from left to right on the map) show the locations of the two university graduate apartments. For each complex there are more than 200 residents, so the need of public transit is estimated at a high level at these two spots. The relatively low proportion of car ownership among students further justifies the above point.

Along Venice Boulevard and between the two proposed bus stops, I think two intersections are important: Venice/Sawtelle, and Venice/Sepulveda. Sawtelle and Sepulveda are two main local roads. Both of the intersections bear strip malls where several restaurants and retail stores are located. Therefore I think it is reasonable to propose bus stops at each intersection. Moreover, people can also change to Culver City Bus #6 and Metro 733 at Venice/Sepulveda.

The last proposed bus stop is at Venice Boulevard and Veteran Avenue. This is one of the retail centers in the neighborhood. There is a supermarket and several other retail stores near this spot. Although it is walking distance from Mentone/Keystone Apartments, students living in Venice/Barry can really take advantage of the proposed bus route to go shopping here.

Judging from the distances between stops, it is also reasonable to insert extra stops between Venice/Barry and Venice/Sawtelle, as well as between Venice/Veteran and Mentone/Keystone. This can be decided in further discussion.


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