Week 1: Site Review – Modeling Bird Distribution Responses to Climate Change

url: http://data.prbo.org/cadc2/index.php?page=154

This site is published by the California Avian Data Center and is a tool for researchers/land managers to determine species sensitivity to climate change based on a number of variables such as vegetation and precipitation. Environmental variables were manipulated to create layers using ESRI software. There is a pan and zoom feature that allows you to focus in on certain areas, which is very helpful since the probability of occurrence colors are difficult to read overlaid on the terrain map, which is a similar yellowish color.

Some aesthetic aspects of the map don’t make sense as the picture of the species is relatively large compared to the maps themselves. It is clear this tool is only useful to a bird expert since a baseline knowledge of each species is necessary to understand the changes in habitat suitability. The map does offer a link to a more detailed description of the species. Honestly, this doesn’t make too much sense since I would only imagine someone with bird expertise would use such a site. Overall, the map could be a useful tool to someone with a very discriminating eye, but it has little use for the public and this tool could be greatly improved to make its use more efficient.

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