Week 1: Site Review – Oakland Crimespotting

Oakland Crimespotting is an alternative to Oakland Crimewatch. Crimespotting doesn’t require flash and is an interactive site that allows the user to explore and focus on different neighborhoods in Oakland. As you explore the map, you can share links with other users that show the specific crime and date/time/area range you are interested in viewing.

Crime data is available in microtime, which can be adjusted with the “time pie” and it is also available in macrotime over years/months through use of the time bar in the bottom of the page. Each crime is color coated circles; however, developers of the site are exploring other ways of showing the data through heat maps, for example.

This site is intuitive and flawless. Each crime has a link to police reports. The pan and zoom function make this site easy to use and find relevant crimes in their neighborhoods. This is a useful planning tool as well as an efficient way to organize and analyze crime data.

Since the goal is to give the public access to this data, the developers did a good job.

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