Bassignana Website Review #2


This website makes twitter tweets spatially relevant by collecting them within a certain radius of a selected geographic center. This requires using twitter API as well as Google Maps API. The site also allows you to narrow tweets by a keyword or content within those radii, or even resize the search radi.

What’s good for use in group projects: I think the idea of including public opinion through the lens of social media can add an interesting element to a group project, depending on the topic of the project. Additional elements to this website could also be useful, such as a timeline. If you could search a topic like, for example “elections,” specify the geography, and also pin point what dates or times saw the highest number of posts about that topic, it can give a clearer picture of what is on peoples minds at a given time.


-Layout of site is very simple and uncluttered, which leaves little for the user to be confused about.

Clear and simple layout


-I assumed the “I” icon was some type of help option, as  I associated it with “information” or something along those lines. It was not until I was playing with the cite that I realized that is how I returned to the start menu to create a new search. Perhaps a more specific label, like “New Search” would be more clear.


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