Website Assignment 1

Note: Move the map left to get the last marker.

My bus stop proposals were guided mainly by my own self-interest: mainly to increase rider visibility in the Mid-City area and make some of my bus rides a little more interesting.

I added stops along the 720 near where I live because the distance is so far between stops. I think breaking it up will highlight how far the existing stops are (I’m always surprised on how long it takes to get to Fairfax from La Cienega). Similarly I wanted to break up the Fairfax line (that goes to Hollywood Blvd). While it’s great that you can get pretty far in a relatively short amount of time due to the lack of stops, people want to ride it, so another option wouldn’t hurt.

I added stops near 3rd and 6th street destinations, because people taking transit don’t necessarily want/need to walk a ton, and these blocks are long. So I wanted to add more options for places people want to go and increase the visibility of people riding the bus, particularly near the Park La Brea area.


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