Take Energy Seriously, Los Angeles! (T.E.S.L.A.)

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption is a priority of the state of California. In 2009, California implemented SB 375, which requires Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) to create Sustainable Community Strategies to address these goals.

Recently, New York City published a consumption map that graphically displays electricity use at the block level (http://modi.mech.columbia.edu/nycenergy/). It further estimates annual energy consumption by end-use (space heating, space cooling, electricity usage, and hot water).

This map has garnered a lot of attention from California’s MPOs and Governor Jerry Brown. Last week, Governor Brown’s office requested a similar map be produced for Los Angeles’ energy consumption. The Institute of the Environment (a research facility at UCLA) has accepted this challenge and want to produce a pilot map to engage people with their ongoing research related to SB 375.

Why Energy Mapping?

Our team, Take Energy Seriously, Los Angeles! (T.E.S.L.A.), will use New York’s energy consumption map as a resource.  Our group will create a pilot version of this map for the City of Los Angeles (City) mapping water and energy consumption. We have annual water usage data at the address (meter) level and electricity data at the zip-plus four level. Additionally, we have a parcel map that has building-type and square-footage data for the City. This data is useful because it provides a more complete overview of energy consumption in Los Angeles.

As of right now, only the utilities know how much energy is used and where it is used. Producing this map greatly impacts energy policy in the City and eventually throughout the State. Knowing this level of data can assist policymakers in their understanding of implications of energy sustainability requirements and goals. This map can also be utilized by Los Angeles residents to clarify and illuminate where the major power consumers are in the city.

Our Team

Jacki- Technical Genius and Principal Dreamer

Hailing from Kansas City, Jacki came to UCLA’s Urban and Regional Planning program and hit the ground running! She has worked for The Institute of the Environment for three quarters and will be the liaison between our client (The Institute of the Environment) and our group. Jacki’s data analysis skills will be a great addition as we graphically display complex information.

Kristen- Energy Super Star and Data Cruncher

A local of Southern California, Kristen grew up with an interest in Los Angeles happenings. As an undergraduate, Kristen studied residential energy consumption and feedback technologies to increase conservation. Her extensive knowledge will be valuable to inform decisions regarding data analysis.

Kyle- Math Extraordinaire and Voice of Reason

Kyle is the MAN! Not just gender wise, but also in cool-factor. As a civil engineer, Kyle will be a great asset in validating our methodology and processing complex levels of data. Kyle hails from Anaheim, California but spent his undergraduate years in New York.

Zhongbo- Creative Director and Voice of the People

Zhongbo makes the world a better looking place wherever she goes! Originally from Jilin, China, Zhongbo has a degree in civil engineering and is currently concentrating in Design and Development at UCLA’s Urban and Regional Planning program. Her ability to inspire will create an engaging interface that is user-friendly.

Where Are We From?

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