JAMS WalkPools: Take 2

As part of its Sustainable Cities Plan, Santa Monica committed to reducing vehicle use in the City. Part of the Plan includes a promise to the community to come up with ways to reduce congestion and dangerous pedestrian conditions around the City’s well-attended middle and high schools. The first school to receive “WalkPool Planning” from the City is John Adams Middle School, which is located in the Sunset Park neighborhood. The school serves over 1000 students between 6th and 9th grades, 46% of them from families whose children qualify for the free-and-reduced lunch program sponsored by the Department of Education. The school is roughly 50% Latino-Americans, 33% White-Americans, 10% Black-Americans and 2% Asian-Americans. JAMS earned a 7 out of 10 score on the Great Schools ranking website. The school earned an 814 in 2010 API.

Morning congestion at the school poses serious health and safety risks for the students, the majority of whom are driven to school. Parents are loathe to let their children walk alone, and often are dropping on their way to work. Because they are usually rushing, these parents also drive dangerously. The City has decided to take action after several students were hit by cars along Ocean Park Blvd.

For the second pass at drafting WalkPool routes for John Adams Middle School Students, I developed “WalkPool Routes” along the main streets surrounding the school. If time permits, I will also add the crossing guard locations to show that each route crosses major traffic streets with a crossing guard.

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