Week 2 web development assignment

This map illustrates shops, restaurants, cafes and banks within a quarter mile of five proposed Metro Purple Line stops west of the line’s current terminus at Wilshire and Western. From the fast food outlets at La Brea to the designer boutiques near Beverly Drive in downtown Beverly Hills, there’s something for everyone!

This assignment went fairly smoothly. I struggled a bit with aligning the elements of the page using CSS, and couldn’t figure out how to get the map to fill up the space excluding┬áthe top bar and side bar. When I had it scaled to 100%, it would take up an area the size of the browser window, but because the top left corner of the map started 250px to the right and nearly as many pixels down, the map extended off to the right and the bottom of the page. I found a workaround solution, but it’s imperfect. It would be great to figure out how to align things properly, so that they work in any sized window (like when scaled down to 640×480 above!).

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