Week 2: Group Proposal


GeoStories is a Los Angeles-based consortium of Urban Studies and Culturomic experts working with clients to create interactive, experiential mapping solutions using web-GIS technologies. In particular, GeoStories specializes in combining narrative and cartographic practices to create engaging, consumer-facing digital map interfaces. GeoStories is led by:

Andrew Pogany — Chief Experience Officer (CEO):

As CEO, Pogany leads business development and account management, and is thus responsible for determining the best ways to effectively address each client’s particular goals. Pogany works closely with GIS technologists as well as the SST to create immersive, interactive, and sustainable digital mapping solutions.

Uyen Ngo — Senior Story Teller (SST):

As SST, Ngo is responsible for collecting, curating, and managing the materials necessary to create personal stories to share with the world. As such, she works closely with clients as well as individuals to determine the required content and to ensure that content’s quality and security.


For their newest client, UrbanStudies206B, GeoStories looks to create a “StoryEngine” that would allow users to create their own multimedia, narrative-driven maps. The StoryEngine site—whose motto is, “Tell Your Story, One Place At a Time”—would in essence be an interface that prompts a user to input information and media that would then be used to almost immediately generate a personalized, digital map narrative. For example, the interface would utilize a function asking the user to input a minimum of 5 locations, each with written descriptions (stories), and with the option of attaching media such as images/video. Once finished, and the user hits the “Mapify” button, a digital map incorporating the user’s designated locations, descriptions, and media would automatically be generated. The map could then be easily shared or downloaded.

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