Week 3: Bus Stop Proposal


You can access to the original map website from here.


This map was created to analyze the relationship between the proposed new bus stops and the existing Metro bus stops. The base map shows the median household income in the proposed area. The darker the neighborhood block is, the higher the median household income is. In addition to bus stops, businesses within the quarter mile of the proposed bus stops are identified.


As it was explained in the first proposal, the area new bus stops will be located is currently  served by municipal buses run by City of Santa Monica (Big Blue Bus) and Culver City (Culver City Bus). Metro bus provides services on near by trunk roads, namely on Santa Monica Blvd. and Venice Blvd., but not between them. Therefore, proposed bus stops will not interfere the operation of the existing Metro bus lines (Local 33 and Rapid 733-for Venice, Rapid 704-for Santa Monica). Rather, they will likely to help bus riders connect to existing Metro services.

The new bus line will not interfere the services provided by municipal bus lines either. Two of the proposed bus stops (No. 1 and No. 2) will be located at the same stops currently served by the two cities. However, the route does not overlap. Therefore, while proposed bus stops enhance the connectivity with different bus lines, they would never provide duplicated services.

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