Week 3 – Proposed Bus Stops

Actual Website

METRO bus lines nearby were added to improve the map.  Since proposed bus stops were original selected in locations where METRO stops don’t already exist, there was no conflict.  Even though these proposed bus stops are in new locations, METRO has numerous lines throughout West Los Angeles, Palms, and Mar Vista.  METRO’s wide coverage positively impacts my proposed bus lines by introducing more opportunities to transfer between different agencies, thus improving access to areas lacking public transportation.

Goal: To add new functions and improve user interaction

New stuff:

  • using METRO API
  • connecting polylines (Thanks, Yoh!)
  • adding/removing layers on demand (buttons!) <– two types
  • styling with CSS (simple)
  • icon legend


  • polyline function doesn’t always work (especially when bus stops are far apart)
  • Google Earth kmz place icons are saved/loaded correctly
  • remove METRO bus lines button only removes the last “liveBus” and not all of them
  • bus lines are not labeled
  • lacks marker customization (size, origin, etc)
  • many more…

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