Week 4: Group Proposal Update

With feedback from E.Y. Ventures, GeoStories has decided to change/add the following:

1) We will focus more of our efforts into website functionality, and add design features later as time permits. As a result, new wireframes were created.

Front page:

Brief description and instructional video. Will add a ‘sign in’ feature to have a GeoStories account to create/edit stories. To be Added: Navigation bar with ‘Sign In’, ‘Start Your Story’, ‘Search/Story Library’, ‘Contact Us’.

Input Page: Here is where our clients will build/edit their stories after signing in. The ‘Sign In’ page will require users to use their Gmail accounts to use their Picasa accounts where their personal pictures and videos are stored.

The Input Page will ask for information such as Place/Address, Time, Media Upload (Pictures/Video) and finally Chapter Text. Option to add as many ‘Chapters’ as the story permits (denoted by carrots on either side). Concerns: Converting Place/Address information to latlong, geocoding pictures/video.

Story Page View: Prototype story view after client has input a minimum of 3 Chapters. To be Added: Once you click on a chapter, icon on map will appear with info window pop up with media and chapter text with option for multiple pages/related media. As you move through the chapters, map will move (possible line linkage between icons/nodes) to next icon with new info window.

2) Still researching: Use of Picasa and Youtube API’s. Lat/Long conversion, Infowindow with text/media and mapping movement between icon/nodes. Will look into other potential API sources and how to further simplify our design.

3) Will start building forms (input page) and test story building functionality.

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