Tulum Raiders Update

The Tulum Raiders have been hard at work thinking of ways to improve the Tulum Neighborhood Portal. After receiving feedback from E.Y. Venture Capitalists, we have made some adjustments to further focus the aim of our website, as well as increase the user-friendliness of or product.

Clarifying Our Purpose

There are 2 main purposes of our website:

1) Map existing community resources and

2) Identify future needs.

  • Asset map and public information API serves for purpose 1
  • Poll and comment serves for purpose 2
      • The result of the poll, and comments will not be mapped

Change in API

Rather than utilize the Twitter API to simply list real-time Tweet feeds, we have decided to employ the ESRI Public Information Map API. This is different in that it funnels other social media feeds (Tweets, YouTube videos, Flikr posts) and maps them as points with clickable info windows containing the posted info based on a geo id. This will better serve Tulum community members; if folks tweet about an event at the park, the event’s general location will be mapped linked to the tweet topic.

Toggled Features

To accommodate for the mapped points mentioned above, we have decided to make a separate toggled layer called : Tulum Social. Our community resources will also then be made a separate layer that both can be turned on and off to avoid crowding on the map.


In an effort to make the design more user friendly, we have decided to use a one column layout. This will allow for a more natural placement of our toggles and polls, while leaving the bottom open for public comments. We are also in the process of exploring the use of a photo image as the backdrop for the web page.


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