Week 4 Group Assignment

General Updates

Weather Data

  • Airnowgateway.org does not consider weather conditions—even temperature— so the Google weather layer is an ideal compliment to our new air quality data.
  • Aim to incorporate wind data vectors

Particulate matter data

  • Airnowgateway.org provides real-time or historical air quality data at the zip code level for a five parameters: PM 2.5, CO2, CO, N20.
  • Still trying to work on how to incorporate this into the map, and how to combine with the weather/wind data.

These are some of the primary variables we’re trying to consider on the map:

  • Wind – should this be multiple arrows, or a single arrow for each designated area?
  • Temperature – at what level does this cover?
  • AQI – how would we display this in a clear and concise way that people can understand.  Should we incorporate a legend/key?

ARC GIS Layers/Shapefiles we’re considering adding to the map:

  • Elementary/secondary schools
  • Parks/County Parks
  • Zip-codes for LA County


  • In the beginning, we opted to combine multiple layers on and off.  Now we’ve decided to have individual layers that can be clicked on and off (at least for the midterm).
  • Have pre-designated variables that are applicable to each user:
    • Teachers
    • Parents
    • Students
  • Still allow users to add additional layers where they see fit/necessary
    • Adaptable buffer – able to change the size of the buffer
      • Haven’t been able to figure out how this would correlate with the weather and particulate matter data (would making the buffers combine temperature/particulate matter values, etc.)

Specific Updates

  • Designating which features will be permanently displayed and which features can be altered by the users
  • Trying to assimilate at what spatial scale the weather and particulate matter data are presented at
  • Which layout would be the most efficient and straight-foward in terms of allowing the designated users to get the most out of the data
  • If and when we consider adding forecasts, how would we display this?

Updated wire frame diagram:

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