Week 4 T.E.S.L.A. Team Update

Things in the T.E.S.L.A. collaborative have been exciting lately! Last Wednesday we had a meeting with the Institute of the Environment and our partners at UC Davis. On the conference call we discussed our data set, variables, and important features of the website. Today (Tuesday), we received the data set that we need for our midterm project. We have been brainstorming design features of our website and are meeting tonight to make them functional!

One concern that we have is in regards to privacy of our results. We need to find a way to create a “draft” overlay watermark so that it is clear that our analysis is preliminary and not finalized (this is per the request of the Institute of the Environment). Also, we would like to password encrypt our website to limit access to EY Ventures and our team members (again, at the request of the client).

Update (Tuesday at 9:30 pm):

At our meeting tonight we discussed each of our responsibilities as we proceed.

Website components we want to include for the midterm:

  • Password Protection
  • Draft watermark
  • Dropdown for time
  • Integrating GIS map data
  • Aggregating zones

Website components we want to include for the final:

  • Address locator
  • Legends
  • Google Charts API
Team member responsibilities:
  • Jacki- GIS data integration w/ website
  • Kristen- LEED buildings KMZ file, help with GIS data, written portions of website
  • Kyle- Design website framework, add in each component
  • Zhongbo- Create T.E.S.L.A. logo, create the title banner that says “City of Los Angeles Energy Consumption” with scrolling pictures
 Questions for EY Ventures:
  • Our GIS files are very large (and this is an understatement)… where can we store them? Can we have a pw protected portion of the ftp site?
  • GIS- when we use graduated colors for energy use, we get an error message. What does this mean? Also, there are gaps in our maps even though the data is present.
  • Tilemill–> is this a good resource? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Can we integrate Google features in Tilemill? Does Google/GIS allow us to aggregate the regions as we zoom in/out?
  • How do we aggregate data as we zoom out? How do we do this so that it’s smooth and doesn’t take a long time to load?
  • HOW do we integrate GIS data into google maproom? We have LOTS of data and it needs to be fast- is this possible? What are our options?
  • Talk about the midterm and final requirements and possible variations from requirements (ie- switch the timeline for some components, API use, etc)

We also re-worked our website design

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