Home.Land.Security Status Report

This week our team’s been working on pulling in four data sources for our map of health and safety in San Francisco.

(1) Officer-involved shootings: We found a list of all officer-involved shootings in the city of San Francisco from 2000 through 2011 and have geocoded this information and created twelve layers (one for each year) that can be toggled on and off.

(2) Grocery stores we have a Google Places layer showing grocery stores within the city and (3) Crimespotting: Drawing data from San Francisco Crimespotting, we are in the process of mapping crime data from throughout San Francisco. As of May 1, we have most of the data mapped, but are still working to create check boxes to toggle layers on and off, to group different types of crimes within three main crime categories (violent, property, and quality of life), and to find a way for two-word crime types in the API (such as “SIMPLE ASSAULT”) to translate into one-word arguments for the get JSON call (like “simple_assault”).

(4) Twitter: The Twitter API is proving to be a little more difficult than we had thought. There is an overall issue with getting any geocoded tweets on the map no less any geocoded tweets by our search terms (so far we’ve tried immigrant but once the code is in place we would like to use more pointed search terms. Because the query returns are over the limit every time, the map only loads about half of the time which is also an issue.

Once we finish our Crimespotting and Twitter maps, we will combine these four maps into one elegant map and work on formatting and presentation for the midterm.

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