Scholz Week 7 Website Assignment

Scholz Website Week 7 Screenshot - Click to open full page in new tab

This week I added toggle-able custom overlays via arcGIS server. I chose to add transit-related overlays.

Progress made this week includes…

  • Fixes to problems with week 4’s map:
  1. Changed the stock arcGIS overlay checkboxes from week 4 into radio buttons so that only one could be visible at a time
  2. Added a “clear” radio button to remove all stock overlays (not the custom layers, which can be cleared with their checkboxes and aren’t mutually exclusive.)
  3. Changed the colors of the basemap. Tried to balance Yoh’s preferred monochrome style with the aqua theme of the rest of the page. Waiting for Zhongbo to tell me it’s too dark.
  4. Added source data for UCLA mapshare, where I got the shapefiles for the new overlays.
  5. Squeezed a new column into the “control panel” of the site by shrinking the text in the  previous overlay column.
  6. Set many earlier creations to not display by default, to keep the map from overwhelming the user on opening.
  • Added functionality
  1. Toggle-able overlays of airports, rail lines, highways, and transit terminals.
  2. Radio-button functionality for arcGIS-made layers
  • Possible improvements
  1. arcGIS layers are still slow as molasses, maybe I should steal them and cookie cut them down to a scale smaller than the USA.
  2. Still ugly formatting. Vertical layout a result of using “narrow-screen” lab monitors, but causes wasted space on typical widescreen monitor. Scaling in and out makes the checks/radios too big for their britches.
  3. Legends for arcGIS layers.

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