Week 7: Using ArcGIS

This week I reached far back into the deepest corners of my brain to recall how to make a create a map via ArcMap in order to use the layer as an overlay on my Donut Metro map. Initially, I wanted to joint a spreadsheet of my own Census data to a census tract shape file, but even though I literally did that dozens of times last winter, I couldn’t remember how to do that. Instead, I just used two of UCLA’s Mapshare pre-set layers—population of kids 6-17 in each census tract.—and institutions. There were two reasons. First, these layers may be applicable to our final project. Second, kids like donuts and I like to eat donuts in institutions.

I had trouble with the toggle option. I didn’t realize that when you embed the toggle in the html code you have to assign the toggle button a unique ID. Before I had done that, the toggle worked erratically.

Link to website.


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