Week 7 Westside Connection

If you would like to see the map in a separate tab, please click here.

The Westside North-South Connection website has gotten a “face lift” this week! Some major changes (and challenges) to this week’s website are as follows:

  1. ArcGIS layers- This week, thanks to the addition of ArcGIS server space, I added two demographic layers. I was surprised how easily I remembered how to access TIGER Files and Census data from American Fact Finder 2. Formatting the data and joining the files in arcGIS was not nearly as painful as I remember it being last quarter! However, when I tried to upload my files to Whippet they were not showing up. I realized that I had to export my joined file as a new shapefile and THEN upload it to Whippet. This is common sense (I had a “duh” moment) but it took me a bit of time to figure out.
  2. ArcGIS layer toggling- Another “fun” challenge was the toggling of ArcGIS layers. I worked with Erin and figured out that I toggle them as single layers and not arrays. I did notice that this does not always work as smoothly (or as quickly) as I would like, but I think this is due to limited server capacity (although, I am willing to accept blame if my code is hacked together).
  3. New format- The Westside Connection website got makeover! It now has tabable navigation. I also added in an address locator search bar.
  4. Uncaught references- Bootstrap is funky! A lot of times it will work perfectly fine but every once in a while it will say that Bootstrap’s call is not defined. Normally, refreshing does the trick!

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