GeoStories Week 8 Update

Here at GeoStories, we’ve taken the constructive feedback we’ve received from our peers and EY Ventures and are moving forward by addressing the following issues:

1. Creating a “Table of Contents” : A form that consists of buttons that represent the chapters a user has created in the “Story Board” section of the site. Yoh has courteously set us on the path towards creating the necessary function.

2. Navigation Buttons Within InfoWindows: Advancement in this area requires that Issue 1 first be resolved.

3. Saving the Story: The way to save individual stories so that they can be accessed, edited, and shared later apparently requires the use of Server-Side Scripting, which, we have been advised, is presently beyond our pay-grade. And so we search for a way to capture a story via its URL.

4. How-To: We want to create instructions on how to use the site.

5. Angling the Brand: Is their a unique way to position GeoStories so that it stands apart from its most obvious competitors (HistoryPin, TripLine); is it necessary to do so, or is the generic, stripped down nature of GeoStories an advantage?

Till next time…

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