Home.Land.Security Weekly Update

We’ve been busy as ever here at Home.Land.Security…

Based on our Midterm feedback, and our own reflections about the site, we’ve decided to try to focus our project a bit more. For the midterm, we concentrated on getting up all of our data sources, layers, and API’s. We thought that the final result was pretty interesting, but that it lacked a clear and stimulating story.

For the final, we want to try to drill down a bit more to pull out some of the relationships between the different layers. In our presentation and feedback, we heard that the officer involved shootings layer really spoke to people. We also think that this layer is where we excel and distance ourselves from other sites. We do not want to be another crimespotting or healthy city site. Both already do their job quite well, probably better than we will be able to.

But no one else has mapped officer involved shootings. We think that the geography of these shootings is both stimulating and disturbing. For our final, we would like to explore the distribution of these shootings by neighborhood. Specifically, we’d like to use the data we’ve collected to explore the ways in which these shootings relate to neighborhood demographics. Are neighborhoods of color disproportionately targets of police violence? What other relationships might we be able to make visible to our users?

We’d like to use charts or infographics to create a visually captivating explication of these relationships. Based on Yoh’s advice, we’ve decided that it makes the most sense to put all of our data into ESRI layers. This week, we’ve concentrated on adding these layers to our site. See the results here.  We’ve added new layers to the demographic and officer involved shootings tabs.

Here’s the data sources we are relying on: (also see the sources tab).

We’re also working on getting some neighborhood boundaries up users can query and get stats on specific neighborhoods.

Next week we will be plunging into the work of aggregating these layers, and displaying the results in graphic form. Wish us luck!

Here’s the site!

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