Tulum Raiders Week 7 Update

The Tulum Raiders have been hard at work, revisiting the drawing board to incorporate suggestions made by EY ventures in order to guarantee consumer satisfaction.

A More Focused Mission

The Tulum Neighborhood Portal will focus on assets, both existing and ideal, that will be mapped and rated by the Tulum community itself. Community events will continue to be actively updated via live Twitter feed with the hash tag, #eventosTulum

How will it Work

The Tulum Neighborhood Portal will contain three types of markers visitors can directly click, drag, and drop onto a map:

Red:                            Indicates an unsatisfactory area or asset that needs attention

Green:                        Indicates a positive asset in the community

Magic Wand:            Indicates a non-existing, but desired asset

The tool we will utilize to create the markers is Google Forms, and the mechanism (for now) we will be using to store the data so other users can see points already placed is Google Fusion Tables.

What Changes This Requires

First off, existing assets (such as bike paths, government offices, etc.) will no longer be toggled, but rather will serve as default items on the map. Under the new Tulum Raiders mapping plan, these points will have a “click” function that opens a Google form to rate the success of the point my indicating if its good or bad, green and red respectfully.

The Twitter feed will continue to inform site visitors about events, but will be linked to the more Tulum, Mexico specific hash tag #eventosTulum, and the widget box will play a more minor roll than the current Beta version reflects.

Why This Still Matters

The Tulum Neighborhood Portal will be a stress-free way to engage community members of Tulum in participatory planning. Tulum planners will have access to this visual and dynamic map that expresses the community’s desires and concerns. This will hopefully lead to more effective citizen oriented planning projects in the quickly growing community of Tulum.


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