Scholz Week 8 Website Assignment

Scholz Website Week 8 Screenshot - Click to open full page in new tab

This week I added Google Charts functionality to the map.

Progress made this week includes…

  • Fixes to problems with week 7’s map:
  1. No big changes.
  • Added functionality:
  1. On clicking, Google Chart data for racial demographics appears in an infowindow.
  2. Dragging the bouncy marker around the map works to see the chart in different areas.
  3. The census block being shown in the chart is highlighted in the color which represents its largest racial demographic in the popup Google Chart (i.e. polygon will be same color as the largest slice of pie.)
  4. Added source links to Google Charts and Census 2000.
  • Possible improvements
  1. Building more layers on top has made the site slower every week. I think the abundance of US-scale arcGIS layers is the biggest culprit, but I wasted too much time on them to remove them now!
  2. Still ugly formatting. Vertical layout a result of using “narrow-screen” lab monitors, but causes wasted space on typical widescreen monitor. Scaling in and out makes the checks/radios too big for their britches.
  3. Legends for arcGIS layers.
  4. Making the Google Chart infowindows look better.

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