WBTS now with more nerd

The Will Based Transportation System (WBTS) now has more nerd! I’ve added a layer showing gentrification (1990-2010) around current rail station, so I can compare my stops to cool new neighborhoods where I can eat cupcakes and take my dog to get new outfits and shit. I’ve also added a chart that shows age breakdowns by census tracts, so I can be sure to eat cupcakes only with people who are exactly my age. Coming next week: The Pantsometer, which shows the tightness of pants distribution (TPD) by neighborhood, so I can be sure I fit right in fashionwise when I ride the WBTS! Click the map below to see the proposed WBTS.

(oh, and from a technical standpoint, as I noted in the forum, I had difficulty querying my own map servers, despite making and testing a bunch. Not sure what’s up with this).

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