TESLA Update Week 8


1.     Tiling-

We want to be able to have the polygons show… but we are also aware that tiling 6 years worth of EAZs could take DAYS.

Prep steps:

  • Need dominant land use data for each EAZ
  • Make sure each year’s data is attached (so that we can do a bar chart for kWh used over time)
  • Need to establish breaks/ “buckets”
  • Establish color scheme

Potential/ “Wishlist” for tiling:

  • General electricity use of LA City by EAZ (2010 data)
    • Potential hack= tile each electricity breakdown separately (ie 0-100,000kwh, 100,001-500,000 kwh, and 500,000-10,000,000 kwh) so that we can toggle the layers on/off. This requires a lot more tiling though .
    • Highest Break
    • % change (statistical analysis) per EAZ
    • Electricity use by census tract instead of EAZ (so it’s more aesthetically pleasing when zoomed out) à BUT, do we need to do highest break/% change/ land use tiled for each then????
    • Land use à tile each layer of land use (ie- commercial, residential, etc)



  • General energy use of LA City by EAZ (2010 data)
  • % change (statistical analysis) per EAZ

2.     Google Charts API

  • We want to have historical electricity use per EAZ as a bar chart
  • We want to use our radius that we created last time to create a pie chart of the dominant land use per EAZ within a specific radius (ie- for all the EAZs within 1 mile radius,  60% have a dominant land use of residential and 40% have a dominant land use of commercial) 

 3.     Reverse Geocoding

  • It would be nice to have our “click” on the map show an actual address or neighborhood (neighborhood might be above our pay grade)

 4.     New/old tab

  • Since it’s difficult (and by this we mean IMPOSSIBLE) to query info to show up/ disappear from ArcGIS, we are considering keeping the dots from our midterm  and having them in a separate tab from the arcGIS tiling layer tab. Our electricity breakdown would be the same divisions, but it just offers another way of looking at the map 




Wireframe/Sketch: Our website will closely resemble the midterm project…. the main change will be on user friendliness. We will have the basic functionalities as the “preset” map but then will also have an advanced options. Therefore, those that want to do a cursory glance of Los Angeles Electricity use will be able to do so without having to wade through a lot of other options.


Struggles: The color scheme for our tiling is a little bit tricky. We have tried a variety of options including….

Variation1: Too much green, doesn’t show electricity variation.

Variation 2: Too much beige

Variation X (we lost count): When zoomed in, this looks like the army’s new camo…. (obviously not ideal).


Stay tuned for our final tiling product and the decisions we make regarding colors!!!!

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