Tulum Raiders Wk8 Update

1. Final Project Proposal

Purpose of our website:

The Tulum Neighborhood Portal has two functions:

1) A one-stop neighborhood resource map for the citizens of the city of Tulum.

2) A tool for the citizens to participate in city planning by identifying places they like or need improvement. Citizens can also suggests resources needed in the community.

Main functions:

1) Community resources: they are toggled by category, so viewers can turn them on or off at their viewing convenience.

2) Red/Green/Magic Wand: users can directly click the map to add three types of markers to “evaluate” their neighborhoods.

Red: Indicates an unsatisfactory area or asset that needs attention

Green: Indicates a positive asset in the community

Magic Wand: Indicates a non-existing, but desired asset

3) Twitter Widget: it does a live search and streams Tulum-related tweets. Citizens/public officials can advertise community events or announcements by including “Tulum” in their tweets to be listed in the widget. This allows them to reach Tulum- centered audience when tweeting about events happening in the city.

4) Picasa API: retrieve photos from Picasa album and show photos in slideshows. Pictures will be shown in the box below the title.

2. Updated wireframe and/or mockup/storyboards

<Top Page>

*Note: Only 2 maps will be created: 1) Neighborhood Resources, 2) Maps to include red/green lights, and magic wand.

<Red/Green/Magic Wand Function>

3. Current development status

  • Community resources, streets, bike pads, community districts are mapped.
  • Website design completed.
  • Picasa API: now working.
  • Community resource legend: now working
  • User guide: now working
  • Red/Green/Magic Wand: function to add a marker was created. Need to add a function to store the marker.

4. Challenges/issues

  • Tulum does not have address (except for a few landmark buildings or hotels). So users cannot type addresses in a “search box” to find places or get directions. Instead, we created neighborhood district boundaries. They are toggled by the name of the districts. Users can narrow down their search by clicking on these districts. Can we substitute the required direction function by this?

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