Update on the Final Project

Link to working website.

In the final project for Winds of Healthy Change we would like our users to be able to enter a zipcode of interest, which would zoom the map to that particular area and pull up proper AQI data.The AQI data would include available information on a variety of pollutants (TBD).  The user would be able to see the number from the AQI index as well as the color pertinent to that particular zipcode and refer to the legend to determine if it is safe or not to be outside and at what danger level the air is.  The  wind arrows will show on default and the size of the arrow will correspond to the wind strength.  The user can use the legend to get more information about the arrows.  The user has the ability to click anywhere on the map and a polygon for the clicked zipcode appears as well as any information available about the AQI.  Both the air quality, wind speed and direction data is in real-time which would allow the user to get more accurate information than otherwise available.  There will be a few toggleable layers, weather being one of them, and some that still need to be determined.  We have broadened our user base and now have information for users nationwide, although we anticipate our website will be more relevant to people who care about outdoor air quality such as parents, and to people who are more vulnerable to poor air quality..

Historical air quality data will also be available for the user to access, although that data availability only dates back to August 1st, 2009.This will be important if users wanted to look at patterns in air quality throughout certain years, season, or time periods.

Although we have had some progress in the development of our website the following things are still in progress:

  • Calling air quality parameters of choice both historical/real-time
  • Sizing buttons dynamically
  • Thinner wind direction icon(s)
  • Entering a custom zip code rather than clicking on the map

As our project is evolving with have encountered some new challenges but are still facing some old user interface annoyances.

  • User interface issues
    • Our team has come up with a variety of different ways to present the data (some involving a Navbar, some involving having different parts of the screen greyed out).  We’ve got the Navbar to work SOMEWHAT efficiently, but there’s still some problems with alignment and working with the container.  Another problem is that we’re unable to appropriately make the calls to grey out specific areas or provide pop-up boxes (as Yoh had proposed).  We’re working on this problem diligently.
  • Integrating Bootstrap seamlessly into our webpage
    • As I mentioned earlier, we’re trying to incorporate Bootstrap CSS into our webpage, because we enjoy the ease of design.  However, we’re finding it difficult to adjust some of the parameters according to what we’re looking for, however, we need to explore the “Customize” section in further detail.  If that doesn’t work, we will probably explore other CSS options.
  • Historical data – what metrics to choose from?
    • Another thing we’re trying to adjust is how to present the data (bar graphs) using Bootstrap on the page.  We still haven’t figured out how to make the specific call, and also, we haven’t identified which pollutants we’re going to be focusing on.  We’ll need to decide this soon before we move on.
  • Highlighting polygon with AQI color – call currently inefficient
    • The call to highlight the polygon with the AQI color is currently inefficient and redundant.  We need to think about another way to make the call, or we won’t incorporate this aspect.
  • Do not know how to call for pollutant of interest
    • We’re not sure how to make the call to get the same pollutant of interest, versus randomly getting different calls for each pollutant.  We’ll need to standardized this before proceeding.

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