TESLA Update- Week 9

Progress is slow and steady right now. We have finalized almost all of our GIS layers and they are ready to be tiled! The ones that we have completed include: energy use for the years 2005-2010 and energy use by land use. The one layer that we are having difficulty with is the “percent change.” We used an excel document to calculate the average annual percent change in energy use for each EAZ, but when we try to join this data with the EAZs in ArcGIS the program shuts down. We think that the problem lies in the titles of our folders, which include spaces! Such a rookie move, but easily done!


Here are the other features we have been working on:

  1. Adding a neighborhood council boundary layer that can be toggled on/off
  2. Radius Summary –> on click or search. Features might include: 1. a pie chart showing the dominant land use of EAZs within a certain radius and/or 2. ┬áthe sum of energy use within a radius
  3. Google charts as info-windows that include a barchart for energy use over time when  the user clicks on an EAZ
  4. Simple Layout- we are still deciding the final layout. Right now, the basic electricity map will have the EAZs with 2010 electricity data. Users can click on the map and access the google charts infowindows that have electricity usage for the EAZ, electricity usage over time, and the dominant land use. This layer will have a geocoder search bar for a user to input his/her point of interest. Also, they can toggle on/off the neighborhood councils outline.
  5. Advance features- This layer will include the electricity use as toggable layers for 2005-2010. It will also allow you to filter electricity use by the dominant land use so that the user can only see the electricity use for Single-family residences or Manufacturing. Another feature will be the radius summary.

As of right now, we have not made any changes to our wireframe.

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