Tulum Raiders: Almost Live

Current Development Status: The Tulum Raiders are plugging away. We’ve revamped the look and feel of the cozy neighborhood portal to a sleeker minimalist design that demands respect. We’ve also added interactive features that allow users to map their own points in order to share their neighborhood knowledge with the entire community. When users select a point on the map, a window appears asking them if the point should appear green or red for assets and deficits, or as a magic wand, for community needs they would propose on a wish list. The Tulum Raiders store this data so that the community can access it anytime they visit the site. We hope this will inspire community members to think beyond the current status of their environment to what their neighborhoods could become. A quick pull down of the ‘orange guy’ icon to street view let’s viewers experience Tulum on the ground, while viewing the points they’ve listed. On the home page, users can now select different neighborhoods to see which their residence belongs to. This may come in handy for future civic engagement projects. We’ve also added a rotating photos slideshow to beautify and activate the site for viewer inspiration. In simplifying the site, we have also eliminated certain map viewing options so that viewers either see the “home” page with existing resources or the interactive “participate” page.

To Do’s: We are working on translating the entire site to Spanish in time for our focus group testing of the product. After our testing period, we’ll make any user interface modifications necessary to make this site run as smoothly as chocolate ice cream on a Tulum summer day. The photo slideshow is in an adjustment period, so that it can fit into a banner container along the top of the page, as displayed in the wire frames below. The weather function has been updated to a new, more reliable and expert looking source, however we are working on changing this tool to degrees Celsius. We are also working on the organization of the tabs so that the Data Source and About tabs are combined. Finally, an expert consultant is developing a table on a PHP server where user created data will be stored, enabling the sharing of information throughout the community.

Check out our final project proposal and wire frames below, and stay tuned for the live and tested site coming next week!

Final Project Proposal

Purpose of our website:

The Tulum Neighborhood Portal has two functions:

1) A one-stop neighborhood resource map for the citizens of the city of Tulum.

2) A tool for the citizens to participate in city planning by identifying places they like or that need improvement. Citizens can also suggests resources needed in the community.

Main functions:

1) Community resources: toggled by category, so viewers can turn them on or off at their viewing convenience.

2) Red/Green/Magic Wand: users can directly click the map to add three types of markers to “evaluate” their neighborhoods.

Red: Indicates an unsatisfactory area or asset that needs attention

Green: Indicates a positive asset in the community

Magic Wand: Indicates a non-existing, but desired asset

3) Twitter Widget: it does a live search and streams Tulum-related tweets. Citizens/public officials can advertise community events or announcements by including “Tulum” in their tweets to be listed in the widget. This allows them to reach Tulum- centered audience when tweeting about events happening in the city.

4) Picasa API: retrieve photos from Picasa album and show photos in slideshows. Pictures will be shown in the box below the title.

Updated Wireframes

*Note: Only 2 maps will be created: 1) Neighborhood Resources, 2) Maps to include red/green lights, and magic wand.


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