Home.Land.Security one week from public launch!

With just one week to go before our site’s public launch (seven weeks in dog time), Home.Land.Security both huskier and better groomed. Our team has been working behind the scenes in ArcMap to build a more robust demographics layer for our map, created a way to collect user-inputted using Google Forms, and added two spiffy gauge charts to our map. We’ve also improved the site’s aesthetic and interface, shifting to midnight-themed map colors and introducing radio buttons instead of check boxes to prevent too many layers from overlaying one another on the map:

As the days count down, the programming team is working on uploading the new demographic layers to the map server,¬†adding more charts, and adding a layer displaying user-submitted data. Our team is also creating a custom Javascript function that will kick in each time a user reports a case of police harassment to determine which neighborhood that incident took place in. Finally, we will also continue to improve upon the site’s design and user interface. This week’s live version of our site-in-progress can be viewed here or here:

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