It is very important that students keep up with the pace of course assignments. Students who fall too far behind will be asked to drop the class. If, for some reason, you must turn in an assignment late, notify the instructors immediately by email. The final project must be presented during the final week of class with no exceptions.

Course progress will be evaluated using the following criteria:

Assignments [25%]:

Each week you will be giving specific assignments to create and/or augment your website.  Each assignment will be given a pass (A), incomplete (B), or a (C) for failure to submit.  Late assignments will not be accepted. Assignments must be completed and posted to your web page by SUNDAY of each week.

Mid-term project [25%]:

The mid term will be a group project.  Groups will be required to present a “beta” launch of a  functional website for their mid-term project, complemented with a blog entry that describes all the steps taken to produce the site.

The specifications for the mid-term project will be posted here after Week 2.

Final project [50%]:

The final will also be a group project.   Final project presentations will be conducted during finals week with no exceptions.  Presenters need to announce the official “launch” of their website, and provide live demo’s of the different features users would utilize.

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