Week1: Website Assignment

url: http://jrosencranz.bol.ucla.edu/Maproom.html

Mar Vista residents are limited to one metro line that runs east/west from downtown to Venice Beach. Furthermore, this is the only bus line that runs past 11 pm on weekdays. Travelling north/south on public transit is limited to Sepulveda Boulevard and Centinela Avenue, with no late night service on the big blue bus/green line. Since many residents work in Brentwood, Westwood, and Santa Monica it makes travelling to and from these areas difficult, especially during late hours.

I propose that the metro install five new bus stops in the Mar Vista Area along Mclaughlin/Barrington Avenues, which would serve as a north/south bound connector between Westwood, the future Expo Line, and the 733 metro line on Venice Boulevard. With many UCLA residents/employees living in the Mar Vista Community, it could allow them more flexibility in their commutes.

While the main objective for the stops would be to allow travelers a North/South bound metro option on the westside, it would also connect residents to relatively isolated markets such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Extending metro service into the Westside would give local economies a big boost and¬†revitalize this isolated community.