Website Assignment 1

Note: Move the map left to get the last marker.

My bus stop proposals were guided mainly by my own self-interest: mainly to increase rider visibility in the Mid-City area and make some of my bus rides a little more interesting.

I added stops along the 720 near where I live because the distance is so far between stops. I think breaking it up will highlight how far the existing stops are (I’m always surprised on how long it takes to get to Fairfax from La Cienega). Similarly I wanted to break up the Fairfax line (that goes to Hollywood Blvd). While it’s great that you can get pretty far in a relatively short amount of time due to the lack of stops, people want to ride it, so another option wouldn’t hurt.

I added stops near 3rd and 6th street destinations, because people taking transit don’t necessarily want/need to walk a ton, and these blocks are long. So I wanted to add more options for places people want to go and increase the visibility of people riding the bus, particularly near the Park La Brea area.


Mapping the Measure of America

The purpose of this interactive mapping site is to provide information on a wide-range of demographic variables, some of which are indexed, in order to illustrate the socio-economic and demographic conditions of different geographies (ranging from the state level to the neighborhood level in certain states). The user can also look at subpopulations (by race/ethnicity and/or gender) and do comparisons across the different indices and demographics.

This site does a great job of displaying a lot of information without being intimidating. The scales on the left still let you compare the specific information to the bigger picture, and the use of graphics and lighter colors makes the demographic information more digestible for the everyday user. I also really liked that the site contextualized the indices when you first look at them. I like a lot of things about this site, but what I appreciated most was the tons of information combined with the relative easiness of the site. Anyone could probably spend hours on this site and still not look at everything, but I also have the sense that I could just go over and find what I want pretty quickly.


The site doesn’t have too many negatives. At first the menus were a little bit buggy which was frustrating (possibly due to a slow connection). Trying to pick out information at the fine grain level (like looking a congressional district information in Southern California) became overwhelming. Being able to click on zoom or have it zoom in upon entering the zip code in these situations would have been helpful.

We won’t be creating anything this intense for the class, but what can be applied is mindfulness in the graphic display: being able to display all sorts of information without it being intimidating the ordinary user.

Envisioning Development

This site serves as a tool to compare income distribution to rents in New York City. The importance of the income categories are highlighted in that they are in color while the map itself is in gray tones. A user can select a particular neighborhood and see the income distribution, then look at rent information by moving sliders to see how many families can afford these rents. The user can then compare this information to that of the borough at large.

It does a good job of displaying a specific set of information in a visually appealing way. Its major advantages are that it is easy to use and that it does not overwhelm the user with tons of information. Someone attempting to get information about affordability in their neighborhood can go in and get it quickly. The use of color is very intentional however even the colorless parts are aesthetically pleasing.

I think that the site does what it is trying to do very well. However, I think that it would be great to include something about what the rents roughly are in these areas to get a better sense of the affordability problems in NYC. Because this site does not overwhelm the user with tons of information, I think it’s something that they could easily include.

Ultimately, this site is a good model of portraying a specific message in an a simultaneously simple and dynamic way.