Bassignana Website Review #2


This website makes twitter tweets spatially relevant by collecting them within a certain radius of a selected geographic center. This requires using twitter API as well as Google Maps API. The site also allows you to narrow tweets by a keyword or content within those radii, or even resize the search radi.

What’s good for use in group projects: I think the idea of including public opinion through the lens of social media can add an interesting element to a group project, depending on the topic of the project. Additional elements to this website could also be useful, such as a timeline. If you could search a topic like, for example “elections,” specify the geography, and also pin point what dates or times saw the highest number of posts about that topic, it can give a clearer picture of what is on peoples minds at a given time.


-Layout of site is very simple and uncluttered, which leaves little for the user to be confused about.

Clear and simple layout


-I assumed the “I” icon was some type of help option, as  I associated it with “information” or something along those lines. It was not until I was playing with the cite that I realized that is how I returned to the start menu to create a new search. Perhaps a more specific label, like “New Search” would be more clear.


Bassignana Code Academy

I was slow-moving through the coding academy this week. Rather than rush through to finish the projects without understanding what I am doing, I decided to take my time in completing the last badge though that required turning in the screenshot incomplete. I will upload the screenshot with the final badge once completed.

Bassignana Website Evaluation #1


Evaluation of technologies used: This website uses Google maps interface with GIS data on zoning for unincorporated parts of LA county.

Whats good for use in group projects: The use of a toolbar at the top of the map, if created clearly, could be a very useful and user-friendly way to use in other maps such as those of the group project. I will also keep in mind using zoom scales that are commonly-known names and scale types.


– The county, city, community, neighborhood, parcel division of zoom bar: I found this simple descriptor added to the zoom bar to be my favorite unique factor of this map. It really helps give the user a clear idea of the scope of what they are looking at in easily identifiable scales known to the common citizen.

Note "community" labeled as the level map is zoomed to


-For a person who is completely new to zoning issues, this site requires a bit of trial and error to figure out what the map is showing and the use of the different tools provided. For example, the “layers” tool is not completely intuitive to someone not familiar with the layers concept that those who use programs like photoshop or other mapping software’s are immediately familiar with. Perhaps making the map layer options visible as a default and as checkable boxes on the right side of the map would be more user-friendly.

Map layers not immediately obvious to user


Bassignana Week 1 Web Assignment

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority was responsible for 217.1 million metro rides last year ( A large number of DC area residents rely on the metro for their daily commuting needs. Despite the metro’s wide-reaching service areas, there are still parts of the city that have poor, to no metro access. This map features 5 possible new metro stops in areas that are currently underserved in terms of transit access; Georgetown, H St. corridor, Adams Morgan, the Jefferson Memorial area, and Logan Circle.