Week1: Bus Route Assignment


The Metro is schedule to extend the Gold Line to West Los Angeles by 2016. UCLA sees this as an opportunity to provide a faster commuting option to many students living in the Palms area and along the Sawtelle Boulevard where graduate student housings are located. Many of the students living in these two areas are relying on buses to commute to the school since UCLA does not provide parking permits to people living close by. Buses connecting Palms and Sawtelle to school use either Sepulveda Boulevard or Westwood Boulevard. However, these two streets are often overcrowded and delaying students’ commuting time. Therefore, it is the benefit of UCLA students to add a few more Metro bus stops that connects the proposed Gold Line station in the Palms area to many student housings located west of Overland Boulevard on Palms and Sawtelle.


The proposed five stops are shown in the map above. The reason why these five locations were chosen is summarized below.


  1. National(Motor)/Palms: This is where the proposed Gold Line station will be constructed. The location is currently accessible by students living in Culver City through Culver City Bus No.3, and students living east of Overland Boulevard by Big Blue Bus No.12. However, it does not provide an easy access to students living west of Overland Boulevard on Palms and Sawtelle. Therefore, the following four bus stops are proposed.
  2. Sepulveda/Palms: This bus stop will connect to Culver City Bus No.6, meaning that it also provides access to the Gold Line to students living south of Palms Boulevard.
  3. Sawtelle/Palms: This is the first bus stop that provides access to the Gold Line to students living on Sawtelle Boulevard. There is currently no bus service going along the Sawtelle Boulevard.
  4. Sawtelle/National: This is the second bus stop to serve for students living on Satelle Boulevard. It also provides easy access to many dining and shopping places on Sawtelle for the Gold Line users.
  5. Sawtelle/Pico: This bus stop will connect to Big Blue Bus No.7 running along Pico Boulevard. Pico is another large commuter corridor beneficial for the Metro to connect with the Gold Line.


Since the route is short, it may be more productive to serve by a shuttle service rather than a full bus service. To encourage the Metro accepting this proposal, UCLA should find a way to jointly provide the shuttle service with the Metro.