Link to website.

I got everything to work but the website looks terrible. I plan to do some formatting soon. I want to get the arrow to stop bouncing, get the highlighted census tract to go away when you click a new one, and change the labels in the google graph so you can see the ages better.


Week 8: Website Assignment

The Proposed Mid City Bus Stops website just got a little bit more interesting. Now users can not only toggle amenity layers on and off, but they can also assess the areas they’re looking at based on selected demographics (from 2000 though, yikes…not enough time to produce nice updated shapefiles!!). In addition, users that have a better sense of where they want to look at can search addresses and zip codes. Fun times for everyone involved.

PS: The messy bus stop stuff from last time is gone. Perhaps I can work it out in the future.

Itching for more? Click HERE.

Week 8 Bus Map

Click on the image above or click here to access the full website.

A new function was added to our website. Now you can draw a chart to get the detail breakdown of population with age over 60. To create a chart, simply click on the map anywhere near the proposed bus stops. A chart will appear under the “chart” tab on the side display.

<Note: Move the cursor over the chart to see the full label.>

Scholz Week 8 Website Assignment

Scholz Website Week 8 Screenshot - Click to open full page in new tab

This week I added Google Charts functionality to the map.

Progress made this week includes…

  • Fixes to problems with week 7’s map:
  1. No big changes.
  • Added functionality:
  1. On clicking, Google Chart data for racial demographics appears in an infowindow.
  2. Dragging the bouncy marker around the map works to see the chart in different areas.
  3. The census block being shown in the chart is highlighted in the color which represents its largest racial demographic in the popup Google Chart (i.e. polygon will be same color as the largest slice of pie.)
  4. Added source links to Google Charts and Census 2000.
  • Possible improvements
  1. Building more layers on top has made the site slower every week. I think the abundance of US-scale arcGIS layers is the biggest culprit, but I wasted too much time on them to remove them now!
  2. Still ugly formatting. Vertical layout a result of using “narrow-screen” lab monitors, but causes wasted space on typical widescreen monitor. Scaling in and out makes the checks/radios too big for their britches.
  3. Legends for arcGIS layers.
  4. Making the Google Chart infowindows look better.

WBTS now with more nerd

The Will Based Transportation System (WBTS) now has more nerd! I’ve added a layer showing gentrification (1990-2010) around current rail station, so I can compare my stops to cool new neighborhoods where I can eat cupcakes and take my dog to get new outfits and shit. I’ve also added a chart that shows age breakdowns by census tracts, so I can be sure to eat cupcakes only with people who are exactly my age. Coming next week: The Pantsometer, which shows the tightness of pants distribution (TPD) by neighborhood, so I can be sure I fit right in fashionwise when I ride the WBTS! Click the map below to see the proposed WBTS.

(oh, and from a technical standpoint, as I noted in the forum, I had difficulty querying my own map servers, despite making and testing a bunch. Not sure what’s up with this).


To make the Mar Vista bus route proposal more interesting and appealing we changed the layout of the site, added selectable demographic layers from census tract data. We also added visual representations of this data for each census tract.

The user also has the option of searching by address or zipcode under the Bus Routes and Businesses Tab.

The website is here.